What is SAP HANA

SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic appliance)is an in-memory data platform which lets you an increased speed business processes deliver more business intelligence and simplify your IT environment is known as SAP HANA. It provides you with all data needs for your Foundation. We can also say that SAP Remove the stress of maintaining a separate legacy system and solid data as help you to run live and make your business good decision in the new digital recession.

With all range of capabilities, VSD provides fully integrated highly optimized environment ensure better results for an SAP HANA. In different areas and work cross functionally SAP BIBO service, SAP Basis services, SAP HANA enable us real time insight and analytics into the data across the organization.

Deployment options for customers

Why Need choose SAP HANA for business


Speed :

The high speed SAP HANA enables is sudden and significant and it has the capacity to manage the huge amount of the Data at high speed. It delivers real-time enterprise through the most advanced technology.

Real time :

SAP HANA delivers the “ real time enterprise through the most advanced in memory technology.

Any Data :

Gain Insights from a structure and unstructured data

Innovation :

SAP HANA is apioneer for thein-memory registering. Its easy integration and progressive capacities make sufficiently adaptable for all intents and purposes anything required in your business.

Cloud :

It is the next generation of SAP Cloud.

Secure :

we secure your data through entire cloud solution with audit standard of security and Governance.

Various Choices :

SAP HANA provides you various choices at every layer you work you can run on the hardware and software it your choice to prefer.

Cost :

SAP HANA reduces your total IT cost increase give on innovation.

SAP HANA Modeling

VSD is a pioneer of a technology solution. We provide all flexible delivery models to run the business performance throughout the customer enterprise. SAP HANA Data modeling is a Heart of the HANA Application. SAP HANA modeling is an activity where user refines the data in the database table by creating information which is based on the business. We offer all range of solution which help the organization to get all goals of their business by using our IT strategies.

A SAP HANA best practice is standard while creating an object in SAP HANA database With our professional expert team of SAP HANA solution VSD is uniquely position to deliver more business values with SAP HANA Modeling.

SAP DATA Migration

We offer SAP HANA migration services solution with speed set up the migration of key functional areas that are optimized for HANA services. SAP Data migration option has become the standard SAP HANA migration option one tool for an optimized migration procedure to SAP HANAOur demonstrated approach guarantee the achievement of relocation bringing about being financially savvy, secure and less demanding to deal with appropriate SAP HANA support.

Our professional expert moves the present frameworks securely and proficiently once the relocation is finished our SAP Database migration streamlines the adaptability of the business without changing any usefulness of SAP application.

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