SAP HCM (Human Capital management)

SAP HCM is one of the leading modules in ERP SAP. SAP is one of the pioneers in the enterprise application which has the largest share in ERP Enterprise Resources planning. SAP HCM (Human Capital management) which manages all function from recruiting the best talent effectively cultivate and leverages employee skills and to the final terminal in the organization. SAP HCM also helps the HR processes and ensures the minimum risk and costs are involved. SAP HCM is consist of sub components such as personnel management, Organizational management, Time, payroll etc.

VSD offer this SAP HCM consulting and support services to the clients due to our intense on HRIS Strategies. Having good experience and have developed an extreme depth of functional and technical SAP HCM resources led SAP HCM Certified consultant deals with the project management , various effective methodologies etc. SAP HCM modules ERP is one of the most excellent software for HR processes which widely used in the organization.

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SAP HCM is one of the main parts of the SAP which play an important part in building the whole organized. VSD offers SAP HCM consulting and support services to our customers, due to our intense focus on HRIS strategies. SAP HR/ HCM is a module is integrated with other various modules such as production planning, Material management, Financial Accounting and controlling. SAP HCM Implementation helps HR Team to work efficiently toward managing the whole employee profile and add within the organization.

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SAP HCM Module / SAP HCM Implementation
Organizational Management :

Defined an organized way which makes different people work under a common platform to achieve a defined goal and ensure smart management of time and resources in the various workstation.

Personnel Administration :

The procedure defines the process through which human resources of an organization is managed. Different phase of enrolling through benefits, new worker introduction, execution, evaluation and more. Everything can be recorded and followed through this procedure.

E-Recruitment :

The process is an automated web based recruiting process that assists HR experts in contracting fitting ability. It opens up creative method for enrollment forms in an association.

Time Management :

The whole procedure help one in the procedure of arranging recording and valuation of worker. The effect of a representative essence and absent in the association is evaluated in this process. As attendance management calculation of sign in, sign out report etc. are included in this process of SAP HR.

Payroll :

Pay scale which given away to the employees either monthly, weekly, yearly etc. from salary to overtime pay, comp-off pay and compensation program every step is handled and calculated in this SAP Payroll process.

ESS and MSS :

Employee self-service help employee to individual track on various data of their tenure in an organization. Management self-service is a vital process for the management to create and maintain the data of the employee.

Reporting :

Finally and the last step of the SAP HR/HCM where the reporting allows HR team to deliver comprehensive and up to date information of the employees. The Reporting tools also ensure the hierarchal structure.

SAP Payroll processing

SAP payroll processing where the calculation is considered of an employee attendance, bonus, overtime, tax rules etc. to generate the pay slip of that employee SAP payroll is used. SAP Payroll processing can be run daily, monthly, weekly, depending on the requirement in the organization. It is an important point in SAP HCM.

SAP Payroll expertise

  • India
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • KSA payroll
  • USA payroll with ADP integration
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Exit payroll

All the stages in the payroll control records are set to exit payroll. Payroll is closed off for some particular period so you cannot have permission to go backwards with respect to the payroll results.

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