SAP PI (Process Integration) / SAP PO (process Orchestration) is a tool that allows you to integrate solution makes it easy to synchronize data between different systems. VSD provide you with all SAP PI/PO application consulting, implementation, monitoring, and full application management. Having vast experience in SAP Project Integration by using SAP PI/PO


  • work becomes easier
  • Hassle free operation
  • One tool can be used for a various Integration
  • Implementation
  • Nice monitoring
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Features of SAP PI/PO
  • Very large binary file to file transfer
  • Time out configuration per communication spilt on AAE
  • IDOC ( Intermediate Documents ) and HTTP adapters in advance adapter engine
  • On bases, AAE interface and mapping message spilt
  • Centralized monitoring based on SAP solution manager
  • Dynamic configuration at the PI receiver channel
Advantages of PI/PO
  • SAP PI supports various SAP Components which are required while integrating with SAP PI
  • It offers monitoring features like a message, performance, component monitoring etc.
  • In comparison to any other middleware product monitoring in SAP PI is better
  • Adapter and mapping are good as compared with any other product
Working of SAP PI/PO

SAP PI/PO Performs three basic functions

  • Connect :- SAP PI has an ability to integrating with all application regardless of whether it is an application or adapter framework to integrate 3rd party solutions.
  • Co-ordinate :- It defines the whole workflow of each business transaction which is integrated and ensures that each message is correctly delivered from the source to the target.
  • Communicate :- It helps to translate files into any format whether an internal file format or any business integration standards.

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