SAP Sales and distribution with SAP SD

SAP SD (sales and distribution) is a module of SAP which handles all the processes of order to delivery is known as SAP SD. SAP SD modules which deal in managing all the transaction ranges from Inquiry, quotation, order processing, pricing, billing etc. and many more. These SAP Sales and distribution which help greatly in the inventory control and management in the business. It is also known as “Order to cash” used to manage the sales the materials and services. We delivery and transportation of materials to client designated location with the Invoice solution we can send the print, email and other details of the customer for the payments.

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SAP service we serves

  • Inquiry
  • Quotation
  • Order processing
  • Pricing
  • Service selling
  • Delivery processing
  • Shipping and transportation
  • Billing
  • Credit management
  • Sales information system
  • Invoices
  • Print, email for quotation, delivery Chillan, invoices.


Advantages of SAP SD Module

  • The Record for pre-deal and post-deal process
  • All track related to the sales transaction
  • Characterized process for sales and distribution
  • Classification of various deals and process
  • Compelling administration of sales documents in a brought together a framework


  • Having huge experience of 14 years strong global consulting experience
  • Quality deliverables
  • SAP Certified consultant
  • Having experience of CMMI 5 level company
  • Different countries and different language experience
What is SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

SAP ERP (Enterprise resources planning) system consist of different module each modules cover a certain business area of the company that uses SAP. These all modules include all system used to manage shipping, billing, Material management, selling and transportation of products etc. SAP sales and distribution (SD) is one of nothing but SAP ERP. This module is closely integrated with other modules like SAP Material management, SAP HCM. SAP Sales and Distribution is one of the prominent modules of SAP R/3 services.

SAP SD is specially designed for the following business process in an enterprise

  • Sales Order
  • Customer Master
  • Deliveries
  • Pricing
  • Billing
  • Credit management
  • Contract handling and management
  • Foreign trade

With SAP SD which is also known as “Order to Cash” used to manage the sales and materials services. There are various SAP SD modules comprises of several sub-modules like

SAP Master Data (MD) :

The Sales and distribution master data includes customers master data material master data, pricing condition records, credit management.

SAP sales (SAP-SD-SLS) :

as the name suggests SAP SD sales handles details of every sale which is taken place. For the record of the product to customer the details pricing, feedback, and the process everything taken place in sales.

SAP Shipping (SAP-SD-SHP) :

Sales are closely related to shipping and delivery. The Product needs to be rightly delivered to the customer. Various methods of the shipping and the module track each one used for each delivery.

SAP Transportation (SAP-SD-TBA) :

The SAP SD component work closely with the above shipping modules. Mode of the transportation is different for each one is being tracked through these modules.

SAP billing (SAP-SD-BIL) :

Billing is a major part of the Sales and distribution as we see that customer can pay either online debit or credit card through cash on delivery or by using pay pal account so on.

SAP Sales support (SAP-SD-CAS) :

The Sales and distribution master data includes customers master data material master data, pricing condition records, credit management.


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